The True Meaning Of Success - once homeless now motivation for many

3 years ago
Have you ever thought about what does success means to you? Do you think that living a luxurious lifestyle is the definition of success, or does it mean something else to be truly successful?

We like to think there's a fast track to fame and fortune, but the secret of success can never be determined that easy. Chinu Kala, the founder of Rubans accessories, was once homeless on the streets with just Rs. 300 in her pocket. Chinu narrates her inspirational story on how, while doing odd jobs, the meaning of success kept changing for her. Every phase of her life demanded her to work more hard with perseverance, dedication, grit, and determination to become successful. Leaving her home at the tender age of 15, Chinu struggled and did odd jobs once she was on her own. But her hunger to succeed made her claim many feats of success.

The success formula or the secret to success as explained by Chinu Kala in this highly inspirational and motivational video is the best advice for young and ambitious people who are trying to find the true meaning of success in life. If you are looking for a mantra for success and direction towards success, then this inspiring success story is for you.