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DIY Low Cost Classroom Partition Solution Sneeze Guard - Banner Ups By Budnick

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We show you how to make a DIY School Sneeze Guard with Banner Ups. This DIY solution is low and easy to set up. You will need PVC pipe, Banner Ups adhesive tabs, and PV-Shield sheeting. Cut the PVC pipe to the desired length and height then build the frame. Once the frame is build cut the clear PV-Shield sheeting to fit within the frame. Next, apply Banner Ups adhesive tabs to all four corners of the PV-Shield sheet and punch holes. The Banner Ups tabs are super strong and will maximize the durability of the sheets.

To receive free samples, design ideas, and pricing please email us at bannerups@budnick.com or visit www.bannerups.com

Time Stamps
0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Sneeze Guard PVC Assembly
0:30 - Clear PV-Shield Film
0:38 - PV-Shield Roll and Cut
0:44 - Apply Banner Ups Tabs to Corners
0:52 - Tab durability
1:00 - Look how clear PV-Shield is
1:06 - Low-cost solution
1:13 - Frame examples
1:16 - Donation of Tabs
1:25 - Contact information

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