This Vertical Roasting Pan Cooks a Whole Chicken and Roasts Vegetables for a Brilliant One

  • 4 years ago
Cooking a roasted chicken just right can be tricky — the skin should be crispy, while the meat is tender. .Vertical roasting pans can help a lot. They sit the bird upright, so the grill or oven's hot air circulates all around it.But many vertical roasters are kind of flimsy, and birds have been known to fall over a time or two.Now, however, there's a new roasting pan that's designed to answer all those dilemmas with a brilliant solution.Hammacher Schlemmer's Superior Vertical Chicken Roasting Pan is made to hold a large chicken up to 10 pounds.At the same time, the bottom well of the pan holds chopped vegetables for easy roasting.The stake helps evenly cook the chicken, making sure there's zero undercooked chicken inside.The roaster is dishwasher-safe once cooled, for easy clean up.You can pick up this excellent chicken cooker for $80 at