US$10 project: Cheap and good Malaysian street food in Kuala Lumpur

  • 4 years ago
How much can one person eat for US$10 in Malaysia? More than you think! Starting with breakfast and not stopping until suppertime, this is our quest to find the cheapest and tastiest street food Kuala Lumpur has to serve – all on a total budget of USD10.

For this Asia News Network (ANN) project, the task is to eat as much as possible in towns and cities across China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, but not spend more than the equivalent of ten dollars.

In this video, our team – food writer Abirami Durai, director Ian Lau and producer Lennard Gui – sets out to find the best value-for-money meals in the city, and discovers that cheap and good in still very much on the menu.

Our search takes us through the old neighbourhoods, historical sites, and into the heart of downtown KL to sample the diverse ethnic flavours, cultural tastes, and generations-old family recipes that Malaysians love to eat every day.

Here's what and where we ate from morning to night:
1. Roti c