25 Awesome High School Organizing Tricks -- School Crafts And Hacks

  • 4 years ago
Brilliant school tricks that will help you get organized

It’s time to get creative in your school routine, and in this video, I’m sharing with you some incredible DIY’s that will make your life easier.
Take an old deodorant roller that runs out, pour some glue into it, and then use it as a roller glue for your notebooks and projects.
You can also attach zip lock folders on the inside of your backpack to organize all your school supplies.
If you want to copy some notes for a test, simply lightly inflate a balloon, write all your notes there and then deflate the balloon, after that remove the ink using some tape and stick it on your fingers.
You can also cheat on a test by writing all your notes on your legs. Then, simply apply concealer on top to cover it up lightly and voila.
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