• 4 years ago
Looking for a delicious and mouth-watering Rice Kheer Recipe?

I am going to tell you easy and simple steps on how to make the recipe of Rice Kheer or Chawal Kheer at home. You can also enjoy it during your fasting days.

Rice Kheer is one of the best traditional Indian dessert. The perfect combination of rice, milk and nuts is well-known across the world. Relish this sweet delicious yet instant rice kheer dessert with your family and friends.

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* 1.5 ltr full cream milk
* 1 handful of Rice or 1/4th cup
* 5 tbsp Sugar
* Crushed cardamoms
* Almonds
* Cashews

Important things to remember:

* Need to soak rice at least for 30 mins.

* In 1.5 ltr milk, use only 1/4th cup or a handful of rice.

* Use Full Cream Milk to get a creamy texture and yellowish color.

* Cook your Kheer in medium flame, not in a high flame otherwise Kheer can burn.

* Keep stirring. this avoids the Kheer to stick at the bottom.
* After adding sugar, stir it continuously (not occasionally). High chances of Kheer getting burned.

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