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2 years ago

4 Types Of Moms In Adopt Me Roblox ‍

Today I'm Showing YOU 4 Types Of Moms In Adopt Me! These Include The Rich Mom, The Mean Mom, The Wannabe Cool Mom And More!!✨

If You Want More "Types Of Adopt Me Players" Videos Let Me Know!✨

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This Video Was VERY MUCH Inspired By @Pretzel Etzel my good friend!
Her Video:

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"Who Is Krispiggy?"
Krispiggy is a ROBLOX Youtuber that plays Royale High, Adopt me, Bloxburg, and many more games. He makes royale high routine videos and many more like the one you are viewing. In 2020 Kris wants to make many videos. He is currently working on tons of new content for this year. Kris uploads every week, But there is no set day of the week so make sure to turn on the bell!
Kris is also known for his "How to WIN a halo in royale high" videos!
Today I made my first Roblox Adopt Me video EVER!! I loved making this "Types of adopt me moms" video and hope I can make more of the "Types of adopt me players" type videos! I never really make roblox roleplay but I will make so many now lol. This video was very much inspired by my good friend Preztel Etzel and her video of 4 types of moms is roblox adopt me. Adopt me mom's are crazy, what kind of moms have you seen in adopt me?

#Roblox #AdoptMe #robloxroleplay

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