5 Unbelivable Magic Tricks Revealed In Urdu/Hindi | Top Magic Tricks Finally Revealed | Mittu Facts
  • 4 years ago
Magic is nothing but a showcase of illusions! And when some of the world’s greatest talents come on stage, it becomes quite an experience! But the truth remains the same: "It is still magic even if you know how it's done." And knowing that illusion makes this world a even more curious and creative place.
So, be it Simon Pierro’s amazing iPAD magic, or the famous quick-change act, today, we are gonna figure out some of the greatest magic secrets of ‘Got Talent’ shows.

Below is the list of Got Talent's Top Magic Tricks revealed:
The 1st Trick: Simon Pierro’s iPad Magic (Turkey's Got Talent)
The 2nd Trick: The Quick-Change Magic Act (Spain's Got Talent)
The 3rd Trick: Kevin James’s Cut-in-Half Illusion (America’s Got Talent)
So guys, which trick was your favourite one? The iPad magic, the cut-in-half illusion, or the Quick-change magic act.
And name any other magic trick you would like us to reveal?
Tell us in the comments below.

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