25 Easter Egg Coloring Tips _ Learn How To Dye Easter Eggs By Crafty Panda_Y67MIxA0zGU_360p

4 years ago
In this video tutorial, you will find Easter egg coloring tips and ideas for how to decorate your home this Easter holidays. You will learn how to dye Easter eggs in various different ways. We will show you how to decorate your eggs with vegetables, shaving foam and hot glue.

We will also show you how to make your favorite emoji egg, mesmerizing galaxy eggs and other decorations for the holidays that you can easily make at home.

1. Stick tape around the egg, leave some empty space. Submerge your egg in dye. Hold it there for a couple of minutes. Repeat with different forms and colors.

2. Color your eggs using stockings and herbs. Place the herbs on the eggs, and wrap them in a stocking. Put the eggs in natural egg dye for 5-6 hours.

3. To make emoji eggs, mix yellow egg dye with water in a bowl. Place your white boiled eggs in it. Use colorful markers to draw your favorite emoji!

4. Make galaxy eggs. Color the base of the egg with a blue dye. Add an extra layer to your egg with a sponge. Splash white paint on it with a toothbrush.

5. Decorate an egg with a glue gun. Submerge the egg in dye. After 15-30 mins pull out the egg. Peel off the glue and reveal beautiful ornaments (these eggs are not recommended for eating).

6. Cover your tray with shaving foam. Using a pipette, add color egg dyes, stir up a bit. Put your eggs in the tray and mix. Wash off the foam (these eggs are not recommended for eating).

7. Crack your boiled eggs, place them in a bowl with coloring mix for painting them from the inside. Stir for a bit. Peel the shell off to reveal your art!

8. Make a little twist by splashing some paint with a toothbrush over the colored egg. Extra details make them unique!

9. Make glow-in-the-dark eggs using core of a highlighter. Put the core and your egg in a glass. Fill it with water. Leave this overnight for an egg to absorb all the dye (DO NOT EAT).

10. Dye your eggs in pastel colors. Make a holder for your eggs. Soak your boiled eggs in vinegar, then place them on the holder. Apply food paint with a pipette and let the paint run down the sides.

11. Use plastic wrap to color your eggs! Apply your favorite natural egg color over the wrap. Carefully roll your egg inside it to give it some extra texture.

12. To make unique Easter eggs, pour some nail polish into the water, submerge your eggs in it for a second. Now each egg has its own style!

13. Color your eggs with aluminum foil by applying paint on the foil then crumpling it. After that insert an egg inside. Cover your egg with foil for the color to stick.

14. Boil blue cabbage until the water gets purple. Pour off the decoction into a separate dish. Oil an egg with a brush. Put it into the decoction. Wait for 15-30 minutes until it’s ready.

15. To make a mosaic Easter egg, you'll need an already colored egg. Peel the shell in medium size pieces. Now apply egg white on them, to make them stick on another egg.

16. Boil different veggies for different color: beetroot - red, oni