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Kanye West Bizarre Twitter Rant On Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner

"Apparently, Kanye West had a complete breakdown on Twitter when he engaged in a rant where he revealed that his wife Kim Kardashian was trying to get him locked up with a psychiatrist like Get Out. The 43-year-old rapper recently made headlines when conducting his first campaign rally for his presidential bid.

In Kanye's series of tweets the rapper talked about a number of divisive topics that have now been deleted.

He also referenced the movie Get Out in one of the tweets, claiming his wife had a doctor ready to go to Wyoming to lock him up in what's supposed to be a mental institution. Kanye 's fans didn't take the rant lightly and raised questions about the mental health of the rapper. During his rant Kanye West had also posted the name of rapper Drake, which just raised more eyebrows.

Kanye fans used # PrayForYe to raise concerns about the situations which Kanye was going through. Kanye's firestorm on Twitter comes just one day after his first presidential rally where he spoke about abortion and broke down in tears."
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