Fish Chutney | मछली और नारियल की ये चटनी आपको दीवाना बना देगी | Yummy Spicy Fish Coconut (Nariyal) Chutney Recipe
  • 4 years ago
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Assam is famous for it’s authentic Chutney recipes. I got this fish coconut (nariyal) chutney recipe from my Aunty Mrs. Maloti Barua native to Assam and I became fan of this fish chutney recipe. Though traditionally this is a Bengali recipe but in Bengal fish chutney is prepared with small and whole dried fishes. This may not be suitable for many of you coz it reveal a strange smell. We bring here this amazing Fish Narial Chuntey recipe for you which is made from fresh boneless fish and I am sure you will make it again and again. This Fish coconut chutney is prepared with very few ingredients. Shallow fry boneless fish, shallow fry very few spices, add fresh coriander leaves, chopped Narial (coconut), chopped ginger and just grind all ingredients. Super easy and super tasty, spicy and yummy recipe. Watch the video for full detail and enjoy!

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