Hammer Fist | Tetsui Uchi | Iron Fist | Karate | Training | Self Defence Techniques | Martial Arts |

  • 4 years ago
Hammer Fist | Tetsui Uchi | Iron Fist | Karate | Training | Self Defence Techniques | Martial Arts |

About this video
In this video we teach Karate and Self Defence Techniques, these karate training helps you to learn martial arts at home without any karate Master or Instructor. We provides all self defence training in free of cost. From my video tutorial you can learn how to defend yourself against someone attacking you, your family or your friends. We provides self defence techniques for women, girls, boys and men that can improve their self confidence and self defence skills.

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All exercises programs are not suitable for everyone. The material in this video is provided for educational and informational purpose only and is not intended as medical advice. Any misuse of this content is completely at your own risk. We aren't responsible.

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