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Sky Beneath | Official Gameplay Trailer (2021)

The gravity-defying puzzle platformer Sky Beneath is released in 2021 for consoles and PCs.

Mindhaven Games announces the gravity defying puzzle adventure Sky Beneath 2021 for consoles and PC. Set off on a sci-fi adventure where the top or bottom are relatively visible.

In Sky Beneath, players take on the role of Cassie, a fearless plunderer who wants to dismantle abandoned mines. Supported by her inventor friend Annie and advanced alien technology, Cassie takes control of gravity to walk on walls or ceilings and changes the gravity behavior of objects around her. Above and below are two very relative terms in this exciting adventure.

Sky Beneath Screenshots
The game takes place on a planet where a fragile alliance between humans and technologically advanced aliens exists, resulting in a deep rift between rich and poor. Cassie and Annie must find out the truth about what happened to the previous inhabitants and how they can escape the planet. As they steadily solve more difficult puzzles, they move through high-tech laboratories, opulent floating cities and alien citadels. They also encounter extraterrestrial flora and fauna like the cunning "ratcoons" that are exactly what the name suggests.
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