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2 years ago

Thinking About Starting A Business? Consider These Things, Then Go For It

Wochit Entertainment
Wochit Entertainment
According to Business Insider, research shows that Americans who work for themselves report high levels of happiness and satisfaction.
And considering the US now has a higher rate of unemployment than during the Great Depression, perhaps it's time to think about creating your own job.
If you're thinking about starting your own business, the first thing to do is to get started. Think about what you want to do or sell, and if there's a market for it.
If so, create a business plan and start working it. Raise the money, negotiate the space and supplies, and develop a timeline.
Be sure to feature a digital aspect for your business. These days, relying on foot traffic or face-to-face meetings exclusively is folly.
Finally, dig out your list of contacts and start spreading the word. Remember, the people who win are the people who take action.
The people with the best ideas, even if they're the most talented, if they don't act, they never get the results that they want. Nothing replaces action. Susie Moore Author, 'Side Hustle Made Simple'