How to use MyJio App in Hindi (2020) || Recharge, Redeem Voucher, Use Coupon || All Features Explained || Tech Yay

4 years ago
How to use MyJio App?

Here's how can you use the MyJio App.

Every Jio Users should have to use MyJio App. On MyJio App you can get information about your pack, you can do recharge for yourself and for your friends and families too. Recently Jio has declared the MyJio App as the "All-In-One MyJio App". Now, you can perform UPI on the MyJio App. You can use all the Jio Apps in one app, MyJio App. You can listen to songs on MyJio App. Because you can JioSaavn on the MyJio App. You can watch movies on the MyJio App. Because JioCinema is available on the MyJio App. In a word You can access all the Jio Apps from the MyJio App.

What can I do on the MyJio App's HomePage?

On the homepage, you will find a lot of options. On the top left corner, you'll find a three line. You can see the search option beside the three line. You can also perform voice search by tapping the 'Microphone' icon. You can see a QR Scanner available beside the Microphone icon. In the top right corner, you can see the notification icon. You will get all the notifications there just like data exhaust notification, pack expiry notification etc. For more information please check the image given below.

How can I recharge my number on MyJio App?

Here's how can you recharge your Jio number on MyJio App. After opening the MyJio App, you have to click on the Recharge Button.
Then you have to select the plan you want to recharge.
Then you have to click BUY. After that you will be redirected to the payment page. You can pay via any method like UPI, Debit/Credit Card, NetBanking and e-Wallets.
After Successful Payment, your will get a success message on your number and then your recharge will be done.

How to Redeem Voucher On MyJio App?

You can Redeem the Vouchers available on your Jio Number. Everything you need to do is-- Open The MyJio App, then click the Voucher option available in the bottom bar.
Then you can choose the Voucher you want to Redeem. In the next page, you need to enter the Jio number, on which you want to redeem the Voucher. If you are redeeming for your own number, then you will not need to enter your number. After that, Simply Click the "Redeem Now" button. That's it! Your Voucher will be activated on your Jio Number.Please note that, the Voucher you redeemed will be valid till your current plan's validity.

Can I transfer the Voucher available on my number to Another Jio Number?

Yes! You can transfer your vouchers to another Jio Number. Some of the vouchers are transferable and some of them are not. So, you can only transfer Transferable Vouchers to another Jio Number.

PLEASE NOTE: Some vouchers can not be transferred to another Jio Number but they can be redeemed to another Jio Number. So if you want to transfer a voucher but you can't, so you can try Redeeming the Voucher.

How can I get Coupons on MyJio App and how can I use them?

Sometimes Jio gives Coupons on Recharges. So if you do recharge o