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Deer Hunter:The 2005 Season; 360m Long Range Hunting in the Fog

Thund3r the Hunter
1st shot hits too low, he ´s wounded.
2nd shot was really bad, luckily he didn ´t care.
3rd shot downed him after a short sprint.

205 lb Non-typical Mule Deer Buck
Score: 175.979
Map: Rimrock
Distance: 360m / 1181ft / 393yd
Weapon: Single Shot Rifle .375 H&H Magnum

Deer Hunter:The 2005 Season
2004 by Atari & Southlogic Studios

Official Website (no longer available):

Custom Maps & Reticles:

"The Storm"
Music provided by Royalty Free Music:

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Game description by Atari:

Deer Hunter The 2005 Season - Bag Bigger Bucks

Gear Up: Guns, Ammo and More
Plus: On Target in Europe and the Outback

-Ultra realistic environments and accurate animal behavior
-Six great hunting sites including Australia and Germany
-5 deer species including Axis Deer and European Roe Deer
-Multi-player action
-Thrilling, addictive gameplay

In Deer Hunter 2005, you'll put your skills and experience to the test!
Travel the globe to hunt in six incredibly detailed natural habitats.
Hunt five amazingly realistic species of deer including Axis and European Roe deer.
Choose from a huge variety of weapons, ammo, equipment, vehicles
and transportation to bring down prize game.
Play alone or online for exciting multiplayer action.
The hunt is on!
My perspective 15 years later:

What i still love about Deer Hunter The 2005 Season is the oldschool experience.
Pick and customize your gear, choose a map and just enjoy the game by improving your hunter rank.
There is no ingame-currency to buy stuff, everything is available from the beginning.
And the awesome community created many great custom maps to extend the game!
Not as complex & polished like modern games but for me it still works even 15 years later.

I ´m sharing my passion for the game and hope you ´ll enjoy it.
I would appreciate if you leave me a like in the videos and follow me through the woods.

You can also follow me on twitter to get notified about new uploads: https://twitter.com/Thund3rFromHell

Thank You!

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