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30th JUNE, 2000: On this day US President signed the E-Signature bill and other news | Oneindia News

In the first of what would be many trips across Niagara Falls, French daredevil Charles Blondin walked over 1,100 feet across a 2- or 3-inch tightrope suspended between 160 and 200 feet in the air on this day in the year 1859. On this day in the year 1905, Albert Einstein submitted a paper outlining his theory of special relativity, about the relationship between space and time. The theory of special relativity is the basis for his theory of general relativity, which he published in 1916. On this day in the year 1936, The book Gone with the Wind was Published. In 1939 Gone With The Wind was made into the Oscar Winning Film. On June 30, 2000 President Clinton signed into law the Electronic Records and Signatures in Commerce Act (or Electronic Signatures Act) giving the same legal validity to an electronic signature as a signature in pen and ink. The president signed the act both electronically and using the more traditional pen-and-ink.