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This Guy's in Love With You - preview Frank Lamphere 2020 America Swinging CD

"This Guy's In Love With You was always a stand-out song, to me. Burt Bacharach and Hal David certainly had a big hand in shaping pop music of the 1960s. There were not many songs more popular than this one in 1968. Herb Alpert had his first vocal hit with this one, that was also covered by: Andy Williams, Robert Goulet, Bobby Vinton, The Four Tops, Johnny Mathis, Sammy Davis Jr. and many more. Recorded by female vocalists, it became This Girl's in Love With You. Dionne Warwick, Ella Fitzgerald and Dusty Springfield were sensational with this love song.

While I was discussing songs for inclusion on this album in early 2019 with bassist Dennis Carroll, when this one came up, he said that he could hear it as a waltz. Fine by me. It turned out to be quite a challenge. I think after several attempts, I was able to get an effective vocal, for this unique arrangement. Trumpeter Mark Olen adds much atmosphere and feeling with his muted trumpet, throughout the song.

I decided to also sing this one in Italian after having found a version online. In that one, Un Ragazzo che ti Ama, Chicago great Eric Schneider plays a very subdued tenor." - Frank Lamphere

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