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Net Fishing Trap 2020 || Asian Traditional Net Fish Catching in The Village || Doljor Fishing

Doljor Fishing
in Bangladesh,Fish Hunting With Karen net in the village system.

Current Net Or Jal:
Drag net/push net- These nets ar control apart with triangular bamboo frame and pushed manually. they're utilized in fishing within the ancient waters of beels and floodplains, regionally known as Thela Jal and Moiya Jal. Trawl webs are a kind of drag net.

Seine web- this kind of net has terribly long wings and a towrope. The nets ar of assorted lengths {and come|and ar available} with or while not baggage for catching and are regionally known as Bedh Jal. If the scale is simply too huge, it's known as Jagot Bedh. the scale of the mesh depends upon the scale of the fish to be caught.

Cast web- a typical net in Bangladesh; it's round-shaped once thrown to completely open and has weights within the type of iron balls on a string set at the border of cyberspace. it's operated manually and used primarily within the shallows of ponds, beels, estuaries and within the coast.

Lift net- The common form is sq. and it's fitted with 2 bamboo strips organized in cross-bars and connected at the four corners of cyberspace. The organized crossbars with cyberspace is then hooked up with another lever for lifting cyberspace from out of the water.

The net is usually manual and moveable. cyberspace is regionally known as Hindu deity Jal. typically the scale may be created larger and glued at some strategic water areas eg Khoda Jal and Konaghar Jal.

Falling net- ar of assorted sizes and shapes relying upon the environment wherever they're used and on the sort of fish to be caught. a kind is principally seen in northern Asian country that could be a larger version of the solid web regionally known as Othedh Jal. The twine used for this web is heavier and therefore the mesh is additionally larger than normal mesh. The weights used ar heavier too. This web is employed to catch fish from the deeps of rivers. concerning 5-10 individuals swim and carry cyberspace, unfold it out and facilitate it to fall within the desired location of a water body. when setting cyberspace, fishermen watch for hours. Then they begin diving within the water to catch the fish. typically they bring about fish out of {the web|internet|cyber web|net|cyberspace|information superhighway|world wide web|Infobahn} or they entangle the fishes with net and leave them there before actuation cyberspace out. Another form of falling web, regionally known as Chhabi Jal, is employed in shallow water; it's created with nylon web and cord. . the opposite form of falling web is named Chak Jal. it's primarily utilized in rivers and beels throughout winter months.

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