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Quicksand! Triceratops Vs Velociraptor | Dinosaur Songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons S2E6

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Dinos are stuck in quicksand! Terri the Triceratops and the gang get into trouble while searching for food, and Velociraptor is close by! Can Steggy Stegosaurus save the day? This is the next chapter in Dinostory, songs about dinosaurs! Great Dinosaur songs from Howdytoons.

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Lyrics: Quicksand
Words and Music by Mike Whitla
© 2019 Rock'n'Rainbow Music Publishing

Terri: I'm feeling hungry oh so hungry!
Jenny: Hey, look I see some shrubbery!

Terri: I'm so hungry. It's been so long since we had some food to eat.
Steggi: Just be careful. Something feels wrong. Danger seems close at hand.
Terri: I can't wait. I need to eat now. What's that feeling around my feet?
Steggi: Just wait there. I will save you you are stuck in the quicksand

Velociraptor: Ohhhhhh Velociraptor!
Steggi: I'm Stegosaurus, fighting for us and I've got my good friend Ankylosaurus.
Velociraptor: This time we win! We will eat you!
Steggi and Jenny: No you won't win, we are stronger and we stick together
Velociraptor: We Attack!
Steggi and Jenni: No you won’t win. We are stronger.
Velociraptor:We attack.
Steeggi and Jenny: We will stand our ground.
And we won’t back down. Ahhhh

Steggi: Terri, wait there, I will save you.
You can walk on me.
Terri: Thank you Steggi, I am safe now,
Now I think that you are sinking.

What becomes of you?

Vocals: James Reid, Alan Gasser, Danica Kotsopolous and Mike Whitla
Guitar: Mike Whitla
Bass: Mike Whitla
Mrdangam: Trichy Sankaran
Drums: Adam Hay
Mixed by Vic Florencia

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Music © 2019 Rock'n'Rainbow Music Publishing
Video © 2019 Howdytoons Productions Inc.