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Freelancers can apply for gov’t support payments from Monday

Arirang News
Arirang News
'특고•자영업자 1인당 150만원' 지원금 내일부터 오프라인 신청

From tomorrow, the South Korean government will be accepting applications in person... for support payments... for freelancers and self-employed people who've been impacted by the pandemic.
It's already been taking applications online, but now those interested can do it at their local jobs center, run by the labor ministry.
Those eligible will get 1-point-5 million Korean won, which is worth a little over 12-hundred U.S. dollars.
To qualify, your income or revenue in March and April has to have gone down... or you were put on on unpaid leave.
The details are posted in Korean on the official website at work-plus-dot-G-O-dot-K-R.