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U.S. urges N. Korea to avoid counter-productive steps

Arirang News
Arirang News
미 국무부 "북, 역효과 낳는 추가 행위 삼갈 것 촉구"

The United States, China, Japan and Russia have been speaking out on North Korea following the regime's shocking demolition of the inter-Korean liaison office.
Washington and Tokyo spoke out forcefully, while Beijing and Moscow were more muted,... instead calling for cooler heads to prevail all round.
Choi Won-jong has the details.
Responding to Pyeongyang's military provocation near the border, the U.S. government urged North Korea to avoid further actions that are 'counter-productive' to promoting peace on the peninsula.
The State Department said on Tuesday that Washington supports South Korea's efforts in regards to inter-Korean relations,... stressing that it's aware of the rising tensions between the two Koreas.
The Chinese government also addressed the escalating tensions, saying peace and stability is important.
"North and South Korea are of the same people. As a close neighbor, China has always hoped that the Korean Peninsula maintain peace and stability."
Beijing, however, did not comment directly about the North's demolition of the inter-Korean liaison office.
Shortly after the office was leveled by the North, the Japanese government released its official stance, saying Tokyo is closely monitoring the situation.
"I am aware of the explosion by North Korea. On North and South Korean relations, we hope tensions will not rise further. We will firmly and closely coordinate with South Korea and the United States, to analyze information and to deal with the situation."
Russia, another key player in the region, also weighed in.
"We, of course, are closely monitoring what is happening on the Korean peninsula. It elicits concern."

Moscow also called for restraint from all parties, but said there are no plans to seek high-level or the highest-level contacts at the present time.
Despite the disappointment expressed by the four countries in North Korea, South Korea's chances of restoring any form of inter-Korean engagement appear bleaker by the day.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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