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10 months ago|1K views

Storm chaser captures stunning time lapse of supercell thunderstorm in Kansas

A US storm chaser captured this stunning time lapse clip of a supercell thunderstorm in Kansas.

"The storm was tornado-warned at the time, and a cone-shaped funnel can be seen dropping halfway to the ground in the video," said Sarah Kassabian who filmed the stunning footage near the town of Sublette on May 21st.

"This was one of the most photogenic storms I’ve ever seen as a chaser, and is a textbook example of a supercell thunderstorm," she added.

A supercell is a thunderstorm which has a deep, rotating updraft.

They are also sometimes referred to as rotating thunderstorms.

According to Kasabian, she did some standard, minor colour correction on the clip but it was otherwise unaltered.