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Shashi Kapoor Ko Prithvi Raj Kapoor Ne Kyon Aaina Dikhaya

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Shashi Kapoor Ko Prithvi Raj Kapoor Ne Kyon Aaina Dikhaya
Initially, Shashi Kapoor had an abscess on his back, due to a wound in which his pain increased so much that he started to groan and had to be admitted to the hospital. Shashi's wound healed after treatment but his pain did not subside. One night when Shashi was suffering badly, hearing his voice, father Prithviraj Kapoor woke up and came to Shashi Kapoor's room in a panic, but seeing Shashi, he ran back from his room. When Prithviraj came back to Shashi's room, he did not bring any medicine or ointment together, but Prithviraj brought a mirror. Shashi was in a bad condition, seeing Shashi in his father's hand, Shashi was also shocked, then Prithviraj told Shashi that 'pain will come and go, but take this pain as a chance at this time.

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