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Hay students how are you. I am Harish Sharma and you can watch in this video math class 10. In this video you can see chapter 7 exercise 7.1 and questions number 10. This video covere all 10th math as like as Class-10th maths NCERT math CBSE math up mp Bihar board maths with all India math. This video provided you class 10 math in hindi and you can with this video online free coaching of class 10 math. You can help with this video get good marks in your class 10 maths paper.

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Hay dear students I am Harish Sharma and you are watching my channel online study Harish can watch on my YouTube channel class 10 math NCERT math solutions CBSE board maths mp up board and Bihar board maths etc. I will on my channel all Classes math and all subjects.

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I am Harish Sharma. I am B.Ed geography.I will in my channel all classes as like as 6to10th all subjects video covere.So you can see on my channel all classes online coaching.

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NCERT maths class 10
Math Class-10 chapter 7
10th maths
CBSE maths class 10
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Class 10 math in hindi

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