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Packet वाले दूध को गरम करने की गलती नही कर रहे। Is It Healthy To Drink Packed Milk Without Boiling

Sonit Health
Is It Healthy To Drink Packed Milk Without Boiling

Hello friends, Considering the cold chain in India, I would always reckon to boil the packed pasteurized milk before consumption. there are high chances that such milk would be having bacterial load not safe for human consumption. There are other examples as well, wherein we fail to maintain cold chain either during transportation or at distributor/retailer stage. The temperature abuse would make the milk not safe for consumption even if it is pasteurized for good. Hence, I would always recommend to boil the milk before you consume from the pack.

#packetmilk #tonedmilk #tonedmilkprocess अगर आप भी packet वाला दूध लेते है और उसे गरम करते है तो यह खबर आपके लिये है। is toned milk good for health. कभी भी packet वाले दूध को गरम ना करें।

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