Prince of persia two thrones gameplay

4 years ago
Returning to Babylon with new-found love Kaileena, the Prince soon discovers that his homeland is ravaged by war. Captured, Kaileena has no choice but to unleash the Sands of Time to save her Prince, but will he have enough strength to prevent the Dark Prince from possessing him? Master two very different characters as you engage enemies with the new free-form fighting system. Strangle foes with the Daggertail or use new stealth skills to launch deadly attacks from the shadows, all the while embarking on a twisting tale that immerses you in the Prince's shadowy fate. Play as two distinct characters, each with their own style and history. New Sands of Time powers complement the existing ability to slow down and rewind time. Enjoy a masterful blend of action combat, agility, and story-driven puzzles.