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Resident Evil 5 with Gyro Aiming on PC - The Gyroscopic Controls Project

Ever since the release of “How Gyroscopic/Motion Controls can improve the Controller”, I started a new project called “DS4 Gyro-Optimized Configuration. Several months later, the list has grown. As I was about to start adding this specific game to my list, I found out a way to get proper Gyro Aiming working on PC.

Despite that, no-one has made a video related to RE5 Gyro Aiming to PC aside of Nintendo Switch footage. I decided that, instead of working on a Fortnite Gyro Aiming-related video (at this point, it’s a running gag here on this Channel), I decided to make this video.

I also created three standalone videos that showcase Gyro Aiming in action:

Gyro Aiming Config: https://dai.ly/k1k1ncL1SkUHlSw5D1V
Light-gun Aiming Config: https://dai.ly/k5VvdE6P1EncRww5D1W
Gyro+Touchpad Aiming Config: https://youtu.be/4L8_QGv45k8

Here’s the Steam Guide page on how to get everything setup: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2449881994

Video Chapters:

00:00 An update on DS4 Gyro-Optimized Configuration
00:28 Revealing the 30th Game to the list:
00:44 The reason on why I picked Resident Evil 5
01:31 Gyro Aiming Configuration
06:22 Addressing the "Turret Section" chapter
06:38 Light-gun Aiming Configuration
09:57 Guide on how to add Gyro Aiming to Resident Evil 5 on PC
12:19 Gyro Aiming and Light-gun Aiming on The Mercenaries

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(oh, you’re sourcing now? This video has less sourcing, which allows me to add their links without any letter limitations. I may have to create a separate page for the previous video to avoid spacing, but let's see.)

Resident Evil 5 Online Fixes: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1533171339

PCGamingWiki - Resident Evil 5:

Videos Sources:

Testing Resident Evil 5 & 6's NEW Gyro Controls! (Nintendo Switch)

[RE5 - Survivors] Resident Evil 5 Wii Concept Gameplay - Wiimote+Nunchuck (GlovePie)

Resident Evil 5 usando WIImote + Nunchuk, via GlovePie
Giuliano Almeida

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