Tropical Storm Amanda causes widespread destruction in El Salvador, killing at least seven

  • 4 years ago
At least seven people have died in El Salvador as Tropical Storm Amanda made landfall in Central America on Sunday (May 31).

Drone and on-the-ground footage show damage from flooding to the area known as La Malaga and Modelo street in the capital San Salvador.

The filmer said: "The Tropical Storm Amanda that hit the Central American territory has left serious damage and death due to the floods and overflows of rivers in different points of El Salvador.

"Workers of the mayor of San Salvador and inhabitants of La Malaga, in the capital city, clean the debris left by the overflow of the Acelhuate river, which in the early hours of Sunday morning has flooded houses, destroying vehicles and belongings of the inhabitants of that place. In several parts of the country, deaths are reported due to landslides caused by heavy rains.

"The country is also in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, which adds to the precarious situation experienced by many families with limited resources."

El Salvador's Civil Defense Agency said at least seven people had died in the flooding, according to media reports.