Recruiting site data show April hiring decline of 23.6%: KEIS

  • 4 years ago
코로나19에 얼어붙은 노동시장... 4월 4월 기업 구인 36% 급감

The pandemic has decimated jobs in Korea's service sector, especially, and new data for April show just how big the impact has been.
According to the Korea Employment Information Service, the number of job postings on the recruiting site Worknet declined in April by 35-point-9 percent from a year ago to about 121-thousand.
Despite a rise in jobseekers of about 4 percent, this resulted in a decline in new hires of 23-point-6 percent.
The industries with the biggest decline in job postings were arts and sports at 57 percent, followed by hospitality at about 55 percent.
Educational services were down almost 50 percent as well.