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Citizens,Elections & Inflation | Digital Campaigning & Voting | "A Dream" Series | An idea for EC & Govt | Relief for voters/Common Man

This Video,a part of "A Dream" Series is to understand how much an election creates a burden for citizens/voters/tax payers of our country and it all goes in vain if the right Govt doesn't get chosen. Below are few ideas/suggestions to eradicate this issue forever..

1) Real & Strict action on corruption by Govt & EC..
2) Strict No to criminal candidates..
3) DTI - Duty to Inform with RTI..
4 ) Strictictly stop political parties from receiving any funds/electoral bonds..
5) Find past history of fund donors of all parties..
6) All Govt should publicize every details of Income & expenses on Govt website..
7) Digital Campaigning & Voting..EC should develop a app for digital voting
8) Fix budget of each party expenses..No more than 2 Digital ads to be allowed..
9) Each party to declare their supposed coalition partner before election itself..No changes in coalition or MLA/MP allowed for next 5 years..
10) Declare results in 24 hours..
11) Post election, elected Govt should distribute pamphlets to its citizens containing info of their local MP/MLA/Municipal Corp./electricity board etc along with their office address, mail ID & contact details..
12) More participation & power of public in all Govt decisions like Financial Budget etc..
13) Review elections to be conducted every year to make sure that Govt is working as per public's expectations rather than its own Agenda..

Distribute the money that got saved from all this into below 6 developments :

20 % for building a school,a college,a road & a hospital in village
10 % for development of labours
15 % free education for poor
20% for reducing inflation of essential items
15% on research in medical & IT
10 % on cleanliness

Kindly provide your valuable feedback and also advice if these suggestions should be implemented or not. Thank you.

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