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2 years ago

विश्व के नम्बर एक मुक्केबाज फिर आमने-सामने MIKE TYSON VS HOLYFIELD, 11July, Dariyah,Saudi Aribia

विश्व के नम्बर एक मुक्केबाज फिर आमने-सामने MIKE TYSON VS EVANDER HOLYFIELD, 11 July, Dariyah,Saudi Aribia

I'M BACK MIKE TYSON विश्व के नम्बर एक मुक्केबाज फिर आमने-सामने MIKE TYSON VS EVANDER HOLYFIELD,3 July,Dariyah,Saudi Aribia,Mi,I'M BACK MIKE TYSON VS EVANDER HOLYFIELD 3 IN THE WORKS,Mike tyson,evander HOLYFIELD,dronacharya boxing club,द्रोणाचार्य बॉक्सिंग क्लब,boxing club,Top boxing club of india,Rajiv godara international boxer,Boxing Club,Boxing Federation of india,World Boxing,Asian Boxing,international Olympics Committee,Boxing Federation of India,Vijender Singh Boxer EVANDER HOLYFIELD 3 IN THE WORKS

The two boxers have become very friendly over the years.

In the last few weeks, both of them have expressed the desire to return to the ring for exhibition fights.

Tyson, 53-years-old, released several viral training clips, showcasing his speed and power - and proclaimed "I'm Back" at the end of the most recent video. It didn't take long before Holyfield, 57-years-old, started releasing training clips of his own.

"His people have been talking to my people and we haven't yet got a solid deal together but it's coming that way," Holyfield told The 3 Point Conversation podcast.

"If it happens, then that's no problem. The thing is, he was doing something and I was doing something. When I told people about it, they saw me working out and they kind of put two and two together. They must be coming together to do this like this. But the fact of the matter is, I don't mind if we do do something like this."

Holyfield says financial gain is not his main motivation for returning to the ring.

"Well the point of the comeback - somebody just made up the names themselves - I'd been telling people that I wanted to start doing exhibitions. Meaning that with my foundation, the Holyfield Foundation, I wanted to help the kids," Holyfield said.

"I wanted to come back and be able to show the kids that if you take care of your body at a young age, if you don’t get bad habits, you don't gotta put them down. Then at an old age you ain't got to be worried about what type of person you’re going to be or if somebody is going to have to help you."

Twenty-three years after Mike Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear, the boxing greats are in talks to stage a third fight for charity, according to The Sun.

“I would do that! Yes, I want to fight Mike Tyson,” Holyfield told the newspaper. “I can definitely handle him. … But Mike would have to want to do it as well.”

Holyfield, 57, who last fought in 2011, said he is ready to go, too.

“I don’t have anything against Mike personally, the thing is I think it would be good for the sport and even though boxing is a rough sport, we can show people we can come together,” Holyfield said. “If we do this fight it would be great. I can still shoot the jab, I can still shoot the shots, but not like a killing thing, ‘I’m going to hurt you, I’m going to show you that I can knock him out’.

“Mike is looking sharp,

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