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2 years ago

Tea Music 2_8: Raisins and Almonds 茶韵时光:葡萄乾和杏仁

We step into a Jewish home, and must keep our voices down, as the mother is putting her child to sleep, offering her evening blessings to him. This song expresses the mother’s wish for her son to become a tradesman in the future, travelling the land dealing in raisins and almonds, so that he may amass wealth while also seeing the world. Sometimes the sense of tranquility is the simplest form of happiness; sometimes the soft arc of a rainbow can give rise to the most indomitable will. As the lullaby draws to an end, a few strong notes are stuck, but not to show the child’s surprise or tears; it is simply the mother checking to make sure that her child has fallen asleep with the sense of love in his heart.

葡萄干和杏仁 (Raisins and Almonds)(Rozhinkes mit Mandlen)
ISRC CN-A23-17-02502
音乐选自瑞鸣音乐专辑《八千里路》;From Rhymoi Music :Endless Journey

编曲/ Arrangement:Michael Wartofsky
管子Guanzi:郭雅志/Yazhi Guo
小提琴/Violin:Layth Siddiq 
吉他/ Guitar:Jussi Reijonen 
贝斯/Bass:James Hazlewood




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