3 years ago

11 Take Offs from London Heathrow Boeing 777, 787 Airbus A380 and A340

Boy do I miss being at an airport. The sooner we return the better. In the meantime please enjoy some short videos of 11 jets taking off at London Heathrow.
Most of the content is filmed from the viewing platform at the Thistle Hotel London Heathrow.

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As you can see I had beautiful blue skies during the day and a very impressive sunset at dusk.

Air Mauritius Boeing 777 0:37
United Airlines 0:51
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 01:08
Royal Jordanian 01:26
Emirates Airbus A380 01:58
United Airlines 02:09
Oman Boeing 787 02:23
American Airlines Boeing 777 02:42
Emirates Airbus A380 02:56
Royal Brunei Boeing 787 03:15

Until we are back in the skies, stay safe

Happy Travels