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How to Remove Pimples at Home -- घर पर पिंपल्स कैसे दूर करे

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Natural home remedies for removing pimples
Most Common Reason of pimples
* Hormonal change - Our Hormonal keeps on changing as your age grows
* Regular taking medicine - many people get pimples because of medicine
* Excessive use of makeup - use makeup that suits your skin
* Climate change or pollution - stay away from dust and pollution
* Wrap an ice cube in a Hankey and dab over your pimples for 2-3 minutes
* White Toothpaste - use only in pimples and leave overnight
* Multani mitti - Add Rose water in Multani mitti and make paste and then apply
* Aloevera Gel - you can also use aloevera in your pimples. as it helps in reducing them.
* Baking soda - it makes your pimple dry and convert your pimple into layer. and also maintains PH level of skin. leave it only for 5 min in the face.

These home remedies are very natural. Once you are sure that if you have some skin related problems, then do it by taking information from Dr.

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