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Automatic Potato Planter by using tractor | semi automatic planter | modern agricultural machinery | types of potato planter

A potato planter may be a farm implement for sowing seed potatoes.

1) Semi-Automatic Planter: It consists of hopper, metering disc and furrow openers. Fertilizer application unit are often attached separately. The metering disc is rotated through gear drive mechanism. The potatoes drop to gravity in furrow openers. Ridges also are formed by furrow openers. It’s going to plant 2 – 4 rows.

2) Automatic Planters: It consists of a hopper for every row and cups with chain drive mechanism. If a cup is empty a potato is released from compensating tray ensuring a consistent seed spacing with no missing. The fertilizer and pesticide also can be placed simultaneously. It can plant 2-4 rows.

3) High Speed Automatic Planter with rotavator: its two picker wheels, each having eight picker arms. Two picker wheels revolve only half as fast as one picker wheel used at a traditional speed. High speed planting is completed at twice the traditional speed but picker arms don't revolve faster than the only wheel.

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