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How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home -- घर पर आसानी से काले घेरे कैसे हटाये

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here is our another video about dark circles and how you can remove them permanently at home here are few remedies which you can follow on daily basis use regularly for good result use at least for one month and see the difference. Now you don't need to buy cosmetic products from the market and spend so much of your money follow these natural things and get good result stay connected with us for more videos

Reasons of Dark Circles
* Stress
* Dehydration
* Hormonal changes
* Genetic Problem
* Less sleep

1st step- Tomato and Lemon
One tbsp - Tomato Juice
One tbsp - Lemon- mix it well and apply
use twice a day

2nd step - Potato Juice
apply potato juice in your eyes using cotton boll

3rd step - Green tea Bags
you can put bags in your eyes & sleep

4th step - Almond oil
it contains "vit E" It softens the skin and good for dark circles
massage oil under your eyes.

5th step - Orange juice
add few Drops of glycerin in Orange Juice and apply

6th step - Yoga & Meditation
also helps in reducing the dark circles

7th step - Cucumber
cut it in wheel shape and cover your eyes with it

8th step - Mint Leaves
make a paste of mint leaves & then apply
use regularly

9th step - Rosewater
Rosewater can be used in so many ways and also it reduces your Dark Circles.

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