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2 years ago

3D Printed Table - Mini Desk - Chair Table - Easy Life Hacks - Very Small Table

I designed my own 3D printed mini table for my lawn chair!

When sitting outside on a (lawn) chair, i needed a place where i can place my phone and other stuff.
This relaxes the neck muscles better while reading or watching videos on a phone for example.

What i had to do after 3D printing is sliding the corners into both sides of the center and the clamps into the other side of each corner.
I also glued a phone stand to the center part of the mini table. This could also be a book holder for example.
If the parts are not glued, it's a modular design that can be changed anytime!

Then i can clamp or slide the mini table on both armrests of the lawn chair.

The two clamps, the center part and the phone stand took about 3 hours to print. Each corner about 4 hours.
So the total print time of this mini desk was about 20 hours! Alle perimeters were printed
at 3600mm/minute (60mm/second). The result was pretty good for the high speed of my printer!

My Simplify3D print settings:

- black PLA
- 3600mm/minute (60mm/second)
- hotend 185°C | bed 55°C
- 250 micron | infill 7%
- 3 top layers | 3 bottom layers | 3 outline layers
- brass nozzle 0.35mm
- extrusion width 0.44mm
- retraction 1.00mm
- extrusion multiplier 0.95
- coasting 0.30mm
- wipe distance off
- fan 100%
- corners only: 20% normal support | 40% dense support (3 layers)

This video was recorded in the stable release of FreeCAD 0.18 (2019-04-04).
This FELIX Pro 2 is recorded with permission from the marketing department of FELIXprinters.

Thanks for watching the video 3D Printed Table - Mini Desk - Chair Table - Easy Life Hacks - Very Small Table

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"Fliegen" by Sascha Ende (
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"Odyssey" by Lilo Sound (
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