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Top 10 Places You Need To Visit In Bangladesh | Most Visited Places in BD 2019-20 | Unknown Theory

Unknown Theory
01. Cox’s Bazar
You must visit Cox’s Bazar if you are a truly visit lover. Cox’s Bazar sea beach is regarded as the longest sea beach in the world. There are two main points you will not want to miss – Labani Beach and Inani Beach.
Moreover, if you visit Cox’s Bazar, then you can also take a look at the Himchari National Park and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park.

02. Sunderbans Mangrove Forest
It’s the one and only mangrove forest of Bangladesh which is situated in the western part of our country, in Khulna Division. The Sunderbans stands on the bank of the Bay of Bengal. And by going to Sunderbans you can have the experience of standing on deltas of three rivers at a time- Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna.

03. St. Martin’s Island
St. Martin’s Island has been added to most visited place’s list in recent years. It is situated in North-Eastern part of Bay of Bengal. The blue water of St.Martin’s Island will melt you into a nature lover person even if you are not!

04. Sajek Valley
Although many people like me have a misunderstanding that Sajek Valley is under the district of Khagrachhari, which is actually not true. Actually, the Sajek Valley is under the district of Rangamati and it is called as ‘The roof of Rangamati’.

05. Bandarban
Bandarban is a district in South-Eastern part of Bangladesh. It is blessed with many natural beauties.
In Bandarban, Buddha Dhatu Jadi is a place which is the most renowned Buddhist Temple in Bangladesh, so I think, you obviously don’t want to regret by not visiting that place!

06. Rangamati
It’s a district, which is in the South-Eastern part of Bangladesh. The famous man-made lake ‘Kaptai Lake’ is the main attraction of this tourist spot. In addition, people also pay a visit to Hanging Bridge (‘Jhulonto Bridge’ in Bengali). It’s the landmark icon of Rangamati and is above 335 feet from the ground.

07. North Bengal
‘North Bengal’ is a term which is used for the North-Western part of Bangladesh (Uttar Banga in Bengali). It indicates about mainly Rajshahi and Rangpur division.

08. Sylhet
Sylhet city is located on the bank of the river Surma, in northeastern Bengal. It’s called the most important spiritual and cultural center of Bangladesh. From personal experiences, I can say that It’s one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh too. It is surrounded by tropical forests and tea gardens.

09. Dhaka
Anyways, many people don’t count it as a visiting place as they have to go there for many necessary works and they only have this purpose behind going there. But if someone observes Dhaka from a different perspective and want to visit Dhaka as a tourist spot, then he or she should definitely visit certain places like Dhakeshwari Temple, Lalbag Fort, Ahsan Manzil, Parliament Building, Liberation War Museum, Hatirjheel, Shaheed Minar, Dhaka Zoo, Baldha Gardens, Shat Gambuz Mosque

10. Sunamganj
It’s a district of Sylhet Division and has turned into a very famous tourist spot in recent years. People come to this place

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