Mahabharat (B R Chopra) Episode 75 -Kuruchetra War Started First Day Of Yudh

  • 4 years ago
This is Devotional Episode dedicated to Lord Krishna, According to Epic Mahabharat and Puran ShriKrishna Is a Svayam God, and eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is a Almighty of this world.
Lord Krishna Born from Devki and Basudev (But In Actual Never Born God is ajanma) in the form of Human child. In Early Age He make lot of tremendous Thing like Vaddh of Putna, Banasur, Narkasur. Also in his early age he is famous for Rass Leela With Number of Gopies and Gwala in Gokul. However in their young age he is well known as symbol of love with Gandharv Kanya Radha. After That he is done his duty for which he came in this earth Like Vaddh of his maternal uncle King of Mathura Kansh. After That he done his most famous work with his Fathernal aunt’s Sun and King Of Hastinapur known as Pandav. He take part in pandav life and Leading to field of Kuruchhetra where Holi Geeta is Given by himself in before the starting of Yuddh. And He suggested to arjun with verse of Geeta for Human karmkand which always truth for whole world till Earth and Humanity Survive.
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