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2 years ago

Top 5 times DELIVERY BOY CAUGHT EATING Customer Food (Caught on camera Dominos pizza, Zomato)

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Top 5 times Delivery Boy Caught Eating Customer Food

5. Pizza Delivery Man Eats topping.

This definitely was not what the customer ordered. A pizza delivery man in Russia has been caught red handed on CCTV, gorging on a customer's pizza prior to delivery.

The man was seen entering a lift where he pulled the pizza out of his bag and proceeded to snaffle as much of the topping as possible.

And as if nothing had happened, he put the pizza back in his bag by the time the lift doors opened again.

4. Chinese Delivery Man Eats Customer's Meal, Fired.
A food delivery man in China was caught on camera helping himself to a customer's food. The incident took place in the city of Sihui in Guangdong province. Surveillance footage shows the delivery man, who has not been named, eating from a plastic container inside an elevator before covering it and putting it back in his bag. He is then seen retrieving another container - this one containing some soup - and drinking that as well.

3. Zomato food delivery boy caught eating food meant for delivery.

Online food ordering and restaurant reservation platform Zomato has been caught in a new controversy after a video of one of its food delivery boys wearing a Zomato tshirt carrying a company delivery bag and consuming food out of its boxed orders appeared on social media. In the video, the boy was then seen resealing the packages and putting them back into the delivery bag which was likely to be delivered.

2. Delivery man eating from truck.

1. Security footage captures Domino’s Pizza delivery driver eating pizza toppings
A Surrey concierge was monitoring a residential building’s security cameras when he spotted a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in an elevator.

The driver selects a floor and as the door closes, he crouches on the ground and appears to put the pizza delivery bag on the floor.

He takes out the box and appears to begin to eat the toppings just before arriving at his selected floor.

“It’s very unhygienic, it’s disturbing, and it’s sad,” said Harry Sethi, owner of Eureka Security and Concierge Services, the company that captured the footage.
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