3 years ago

Backing Track light Rock Jam in A minor varied parts with different textures to create over 110 BPM

Cheerful Spirit
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I really like jamming in A minor, and I put something together in this backing track that gives you a lot of different backing textures to jam over.................

I also like having something that is at least ten minutes long, because if you can keep that interesting over the whole time, you have really done something, and kept focused on your "listener" (even if that's just you) and not yourself from just a technical standpoint:)

About Me: I have been teaching guitar for over 30 years, and focus on technique and improvisation with most of my students. After they hear what can be done by knowing your neck and emoting what they feel or want to say through sound, they are usually hooked. I hope to bring these skills to interested guitarists searching YouTube in the near future.

Hope you enjoy this A minor tune here, more to come soon.

Cheerful Spirit