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10 Technologies of the Future

1. Unmanned vehicles
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Future of Technology,10 Technologies of the Future,Development of Technology
Self-driving cars have long been tested and implemented by many large corporations. In comparison with traditional cars, they offer a considerable number of advantages: from the degree of comfort and convenience to a lower number of accidents in general.

2. Artificially grown meat

Already today we can grow many amazing things in laboratories, as well as produce many more using 3D printing. And do we have to kill other creatures in order to eat what we like?

3. Printed human organs

Hospitals today already face an acute shortage of donor organs. Many people simply cannot get the treatment they need. Created using 3D printing and grown in laboratories, organs can fundamentally change this situation.

4. Ubiquitous Algorithms

Science fiction has always focused on AI as an artificial mind, but missed an important step in the development of such technologies. It's about smart algorithms that today form the scenarios of our interaction with advertising and even understand who we will vote for.

5. Connecting everything

Smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home have opened up new ways to connect and interconnect our entire environment. Many of the potentialities of the so-called Internet of things will finally become a reality.
You can expect the appearance of clothes connected to the Internet.

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