3 years ago

S. Korean gov't urges citizens to refrain from taking overseas trips until May 23rd

Arirang News
Arirang News
외교부, 전 세계 대상 특별여행주의보 1개월 연장

South Korea has extended its "special COVID-19 travel advisory" by an extra month,... urging South Korean citizens to refrain from going overseas.
According to the foreign ministry's extension on Tuesday,... the advisory will remain in place until May 23rd,... and will automatically lapse then... unless the government decides to re-extend it.
The ministry said the decision was based on the continued global spread and other countries maintaining their own travel advisories.
The South Korean government issued its first special advisory on March 23rd for all countries and territories,... urging South Korean nationals to cancel or postpone overseas trips and called for those still abroad to take extra caution.
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