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8 Best Travel Destination affected Badly by COVID-19 | CoronaVirus OutBreak 2020

Travelling Facts
Just to let you guys Know what are the best Travel places affected by the coronavirus outbreak?
Travelling Facts Presents the 8 Best Travel Destinations affected badly by Coronavirus-19.
COVID-19 Started from the Wuhan, China and it spreaded like the Fire in the jungle with over 645,000+ cases in the whole world.
The Coronavirus outbreak 2020 has disturb the people mentally and countries economically likewise many countries has observed the fall in economy.
China has now controlled the situation in Wuhan and other chinese cities but other countries like USA(United States of America), Italy Spain, United Kingdom, France the cases are just going on and on with immense volume.God Help the World.
Italy has been the first country with 9000+ deaths with 82,000+ cases by COVID-19 while USA has cross over 100,000+ Coronavirus cases.
Coronavirus symptoms are mentioned below (Coronavirus Explained):
The most common symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for effected people are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment and Coronavirus attacks human lungs and it destroys the lungs.
COVID-19 outbreak has taken 50,000+ Lifes and many are in critical condition.
Famous Singer Cardi B also mentioned to go to hospital and get your self checked for Coronavirus-2019. Cardi B suggested all the celebrities to get your self checked for COVID-19.
35+ Pharma Companies have been trying to win the race of making Coronavirus Vaccine first and United States has announced that the vaccine will be soon ready to cure humans.

The List Includes the following Countries with most Coronavirus-19 Cases:
8) Switzerland
6 Iran
Top 5 best Travel destinations to visit for 2020:


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