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2 years ago

Getting Your First Deal with Ryan Wright - REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN

Ryan Wright's goal with is to give new investors a shot. That’s why his company offers one-of-a-kind 100% financing options; no money down, with good credit and flipping experience not required. Other companies often require $30k or more upfront to secure funding – something most trying to break into the industry don’t have.

Ryan believes that if there’s a great deal with profit to be had, that the lender should be willing to fund the whole deal. His strict guidelines mitigate risk for all parties involved and has resulted in his students averaging profits $6,000 higher than the industry average, with 60% fewer failed deals.

In this episode, we talk about:
• How you're able to find the right deal
• How to get funding without putting up your own money
• Why wholesaling is a great way to start
• How to avoid getting emotionally invested

Free Ebook: How to get more money than you can ever handle, a real estate investor’s guide to funding deals

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