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Le Flex - Move With Me (Official Video)

Demon Music Group
Demon Music Group
Made on his iPhone with a budget of £3.50, Le Flex turns himself miniature and raids the dressing-up box for the underwhelming video - Move With Me.
This song, and many others of similarly low quality, will be available on his new album FLEXUALITY - out on April 17th via Demon Music.

Move With Me lyrics

Baby I don’t know where you came from
It’s like you were born out of the sound
I know that I can’t let you leave here
Without getting down

Seems you were sent to me from the music
And all at once you were revealed
And as I caught your flow
You bring back the soul to me, to me

You are all I need
You put the rhythm in my feet

Baby move with me, move with me
Won’t you groove with me, groove with me
You now now’s the perfect time
Won’t you take me there tonight

I see how everybody wants you
I can’t believe you’re unaware
The way you’re vibing
Just makes people stop and stare
You’re like an angel there’s no question
When there are no words left to say
Just let the melody connection
Take us away

In a crowded room
It’s like we’re the only two

Oh, I don’t wanna let you go
You got my mind and my body and soul
I feel like i’m losing control

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