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Trucks spray food markets with disinfectant to stop COVID-19 in Thailand

Fire trucks have been spraying the streets in Thailand with sterilising liquid to try and contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The Thai government put the country under a state of emergency to tackle COVID-19 and closed swathes of businesses and banned non-residents from entering the countries.

Footage from Nakhon Ratchasima last Sunday night (March 29) shows trucks spraying water-based disinfectant solution over a streets where a food market is held - one of the few types of businesses that are still open.

Province governor Thanadol Chaiyut said he wanted to keep the area clean as the people is still needed to go shopping for their essential food. Outdoor food markets are a high-risk area because of the crowds that gather in the narrow aisles.

He said: "Residents have cooperated well with the government's measure so far.

"Since the marketplace is the only place they are now allowed to go, we decided to clean the area to ensure it is as safe as possible.''

The council leader added that the officers are also happy to work late in the night waiting to clean after the local are already hitting the hay.

He said: "We need to work at night to avoid contact and interrupting people and I'm happy that the officers are willing to work late to protect their fellow citizens."

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