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2 years ago

The Flipping America Guy with Roger Blankenship – REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN

Roger Blankenship is the “Flipping America Guy.” He’s host of the nationally syndicated real estate show, “Flipping America,” author, educator, motivational and inspirational speaker, and business leader. He is a member of several professional real estate organizations and is a member of the Forbes Magazine Real Estate Council. He has personally fixed and flipped more than 900 houses and has been a part of hundreds more real estate transactions.

In addition to purchasing, remodeling, and marketing properties, Roger has founded the Flipping America Mentoring Program which teaches the science and art of real estate investing. He and his team have developed the Flipping America Network, a trading platform for real estate investors and He has a new book coming soon, “Flipping Houses in Ten Days.” Roger and his team teach seminars in real estate investing and provide coaching and funding for both new and experienced investors.

In this episode, we talk about:

• Why flipping houses can be so lucrative

• What life lessons can one learn from this business

• How to get started in flipping

• How to scale up your flipping business

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