3 years ago

Teaching for Deep Comprehension: A Reading Workshop Approach For Kindle

Marie D Ruiz
Linda Dorn and Carla Soffos describe the process of comprehension as a reflection of the mind?a window into the reader's thoughts. In Teaching for Deep Comprehension they discuss comprehension from a socio-cognitive perspective ? specifically, how teachers can use the social context of reading workshop to promote deep comprehension. The book is framed around three guiding questions:Can comprehension be taught?How does a model become a barrier to comprehension?When does a tool become the reason for reading?Linda and Carla mesh complex theories of comprehension with everyday practical examples in such a way as to help teachers develop a better understanding of what it means to comprehend while reading. The book's appendix contains a wealth of reproducible materials, including text maps, graphic organizers, book lists, and resource charts. Supporting the text is a DVD containing eighty-five minutes of video from a first-grade reading workshop (shared reading, author studies, share time), an adult book discussion, a fourth-grade reading workshop (mini-lesson and literature discussion groups), and other settings.